Cordillera Real

"the Himalayas of the New World."

This world-class mountain range offers something for every climber, whatever his or her level of skill and experience.


6,442 m.

Lying to the south of La Paz, Illimani is an imposing presence on the skyline from everywhere in the city. This enormous massif is over 8km long has 4 peaks over 6000m; the southern ‘true’ stands at 6442m. This mountain is only recommended if you are very well acclimatized and have previous mountaineering experience. 

Huayna Potosi

6,008 m.

Huayna Potosi is Bolivia՚s most popular mountain and offers something for both beginner and experienced mountaineers. The normal route poses no technical challenges and is doable by anyone with moderate fitness and good acclimatization. The French route presents an additional challenge for more experience climbers.


6,362 m.

Illampu is rarely climbed and has one of the hardest ascents in the Cordillera Real. It should only be attempted by fit, experienced mountaineers but offers a wild, remote adventure to those up to the challenge.


5,648 m.

Is a mountain in the Cordillera Real of Bolivia, about 5,648 metres (18,530 ft) high. It is also the name of the whole massif.[3] Kunturiri is located in the La Paz Department,


6,426 m.

Located in the northern section of the Cordillera Real, Ancohuma is part of the Illampu massif. Despite being much less technical than its neighbor Illampu, its altitude and long approach nonetheless make it a strenuous physical challenge. It should only be attempted by fit and well acclimatized mountaineers.


6,070 m.

Chachacomani sits right in the centre of the Cordillera Real. We are excited to offer this new route for a mountain which is slowly gaining popularity amongst Bolivian mountaineers. Our guides Gregorio and Pedro Mamani were the first to attempt the summit in 2010 and Gregorio was the first to reach it shortly afterwards. Today’s route poses no technical challenge as it follows a relatively flat glacier track which never gets steeper than 50°.


6,127 m.

is a mountain in the Cordillera Real in the Andes of Bolivia. It has a height of about 6,127 m (20,102 ft).[10] It is situated in the La Paz Department,


5,420 m.

Charquini sits just underneath the Huayna Potosi massif. It is a great ascent to test your acclimatization and the summit offers amazing views of the Zongo valley, the Altiplano, and Huayna Potosi itself. 

Pequeño Alpamayo

5,410 m.

This picturesque peak forms part of the Condoriri Massif and is one of the most popular ascents in the area. Its beauty and moderate difficulty make it a great choice for new or relatively inexperienced mountaineers.