Corona Virus? you won't break me down...

Mountaineers usually spend most of the time outdoors, close to nature. But during the Corona Virus pandemic, they are also stuck in their homes, With the desire to return to their natural habitat, but like all people on this planet we must prioritize health, the mountains have been here for thousands of years and will continue there when this virus is controlled and this bad time for humanity passes.

The tourism industry suffers great losses around the world.

In our company we still analyze the losses that we will have, but as mountaineers before a commercial company, our desire to return to the mountains is just as important as that of our clients and friends.

Not everything is lost, humans have that beautiful ability to recover from catastrophes and continue fighting, to unite in a single goal, to survive, we have won the right to be in this world and together we can get out of this problem.

We ask all adventurers who planned an expedition to the mountains, a vacation on the beaches, a few days off in nature, not to give up, before canceling any activity, think about the option to reschedule the trips. Thus we help each other.

Stay strong and take all necessary precautions so that this virus does not win.