About Bolivia

Bolivia is located in the heart of South America and offers travelers a unique and authentic travel experience. Although it is much less visited than its neighbors, it is an incredible country full of beautiful landscapes, a wonderful culture and unforgettable activities. It borders Peru to the north, Argentina to the south, Chile to the west, Brazil to the north and east Paraguay to the southeast.


Bolivia is a country of endless cultural and natural attractions. From the fresh air of the altiplano to the warm and humid atmosphere of the Amazon basin, Bolivia is home to one of the most varied mountain ranges in the world, the Cordillera Real.The Royal Mountain Range With an extension of about 110 km from Illampu in the north to Illimani in the south, the range contains 9 peaks over 6000 m in height and hundreds of peaks over 5000 m.

The Cordillera Real is generally divided into 3 sections: north, center and south.

The northern section includes impressive ice and rock peaks such as the Illampu, Pico del Norte, Ancuhuma and PK 24. 5 peaks are higher than 6000 m.

The Central section includes some large peaks of 6000 m in the northern part and a large amount of 5000 m, highly accessible mountains. Most routes are about snow and ice.

In the southern section on which are the known peaks near La Paz, including Illimani and Huayna Potosi.

There are also many lesser known mountains with quality routes in all difficulties

Western Cordillera

The Western Cordillera is the home of Sajama, the highest peak in Bolivia. This is a classic in classic volcanoes. To the south along the border with Chile there are many other peaks, including many volcanoes. Most are hiking peaks with some protagonists covered on the page of the Western Southern Cordillera.It is possible to climb most of the year with the winter taking into account the most stable mountain climates in the world. A variety of climbing is available from large ridges and faces of snow and ice to pure rock routes and everything in between.