At the end of last May, we started one of the most commemorative expeditions in the history of our company with our friends from Brazil: Alex Bonifacio, Pieter Paul, and Mauricio (ANCHOVAS) all of them are part of the large family of REFUGIO SERRA FINA

This expedition was full of emotions, challenges, and outstanding summits.

At the end of this wonderful expedition Alex Bonifacio managed to climb the Condoriri Left Wing technically difficult mountain, put Alex to the test, we also climbed the Chachacomani, a lesson in patience for our friend, the end was epic climbing The Illimani most emblematic mountain of the city.

On the other hand Pieter got a rope partner Jose Mamani (my cousin) and together they managed to finish a pending mountain for Pieter the Pequeño Alpamayo, who in the last occasion denied him the summit, but this time Pieter got it, they also tried to climb the Condor head, in this occasion they did not achieve it, not because Pieter could not do it, but Pieter was focused on the main summit of the expedition, Illimani and so Pieter was also able to reach the summit ...

Our big friend Mauricio joined the Expedition only to climb Illimani, with a short acclimatization but very helpful, to know the roads around Chacaltaya and then face this challenge.

In this occasion He did not reach the summit, but his precense was of vital importance for all the expedition, I was encouraged to say that it was the motivation for Alex and Pieter, these boys were already tired after a week of climbing, but Mauricio arrived and The team was complete.

It is impressive the union of this team, can feel the energy, true friendship and passion for the mountain, when they are together.
I feel very privileged to have led this expedition and to know that my friends share that same love for mountains and nature.

I'm sure we will continue climbing together.


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