It is incredible how time and circumstances change people's lives, this year everyone suffers from COVID-19 the economies of the countries collapse many people die with disease, and the future now seems more uncertain.

Gregorio Mamani, one of the most important references in Bolivian mountaineering also left us, I am proud to carry his blood MY UNCLE, the friend of the entire mountaineering community in Bolivia, is gone, he leaves a huge void between us, it is difficult To think that a guy like him, who was so strong, left, I remember many stories with him, many of the Bolivian guides met him in different facets, Friend, Mentor, Mountaineer, Guide, Family, he never had any problem sharing his wisdom On the Bolivian mountains, I advise many young mountaineers starting their first steps to climb mountains, three generations of mountaineers started with him in my family. He was always a good person.

How difficult it is to write this article about him without feeling deep sadness, Bolivian Mountaineering loses his best guide, his best friend, his mentor, all the advice you gave us will always be present, we will honor your memory as one of the great climbers he had Bolivia and we will continue the path to the summits by your side, because you are there where the clouds meet the eternal heavens, your energy now flows with PACHAMAMA, now you are part of it.
Rest in peace dear uncle.