Tourism in Bolivia, which was just beginning to recover after the social and political conflicts that occurred in the country last October and November, after more than six months without tourist activity, the impact of global measures against the coronavirus (COVID -19), in Bolivia.
"It is estimated that due to the multiplier effect of the tourism sector in other sectors, the total losses in the country will be approximately US $ 1 billion by 2020, as well as the estimated loss of 100,000 direct jobs."
Bolivia's tourism sector expects the industry to take at least 10 months to recover from the effects of the coronavirus.
"Right now the priority is health and they are talking about zero tourism. Bolivia is abiding by the instructions of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) "
Copacabana in La Paz and the Salar de Uyuni in Potosí, two of the most visited destinations in Bolivia, will be the most affected and cannot be recovered until 2021. Unlike other destinations in Bolivia, whose inhabitants also have other sources For survival, the inhabitants of Uyuni and Copacabana live almost exclusively from tourism, directly or indirectly.

All this panorama has forced tourist operators to close for the remainder of this year, despite the fact that the restrictions have been relaxed since September trying to recover the country's economy, many of the operators will not reopen until 2021 with the hope that the entire world situation improves around covid-19