2022 has arrived and Bolivia updates its precautions against Covid-19

Country-Specific Information:

There are no nationalCOVID-19 restrictions, but departments and municipalities have the authority toimpose COVID-19 restrictions at the local level.

The wearing of facemasks inpublic places is mandatory and social distancing measures must be respected.

Concerning schools, departmentsand municipalities have the authority to determine pandemic-relatededucation practices. Some schools have fully reopened while others areimplementing hybrid or virtual education programs.

Most borders with neighboringcountries remain open, however, some of the countries bordering Bolivia havemaintained closure of their land borders and thus entering and exiting Boliviaby land may not be possible at this time.

In accordance with Supreme Decree4640, public and private institutions, as well as transport services, inBolivia will require proof of vaccination starting in January 2022. Patrons can show proof of their completed vaccination schedule card (physicalor digital), or proof of their first dose with the expectation of completingtheir vaccination schedule at the earliest available time. Unvaccinated patronswill have to show a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours before the timeof the requested service.

COVID-19 Testing:

Are PCR and/or antigen testsavailable for foreign citizens in Bolivia? PCR and antigen tests arewidely available in Bolivia.

If so, are test results reliablyavailable within one calendar day? Yes.

Numerous private and publicclinics throughout Bolivia offer COVID-19 testing.

The designated government agencyregulating COVID-19 testing in Bolivia isthe Servicio Departamental de Salud (SEDES).

There are 9 branches of SEDES inthe 9 Departments of Bolivia.

Antigen and RT-PCR tests are bothwidely available. The two available tests are the Quick Test and the PCR test.

The tests are available at mostprivate labs and in some hospitals.

The price for an Antigen test isaround 150bs. The cost for a RT-PCR test is approximately 450bs.

COVID-19 tests results can beissued by email, text messages or physical copies.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

Which vaccines are available inBolivia? Sinopharm, Pfizer Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines areavailable, however, supplies for some of these vaccines may be inconsistent andlimited.

Entry and Exit Requirements:

Are foreign citizens permitted toenter? Yes

Air borders are open andcommercial flights are permitted to operate.

Travelers should be prepared foradditional travel restrictions affecting international travel to be put intoeffect with little or no advance notice.

Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCRand/or serology) required for entry? Yes.

Certified negative PCR test forevery passenger over 5 years of age.

The test must be taken 72 hoursprior to departure, regardless of the country of travel origin.

Travelers who are not vaccinatedagainst COVID-19 are required have another RT-PCR test taken 72 hours afterarrival and must quarantine until they receive a negative COVID-19 test result.The cost of this test must be covered by the traveler

Diplomats are exempt from thismeasure.

Travelers who do not havepermanent residence in Bolivia must have health insurance with coverage forCOVID-19 upon entry to Bolivia.

Are health screening proceduresin place at airports and other ports of entry? Yes

All passengers will have theirtemperature taken prior to entering airports and the pre-boarding areas.Individuals with a fever or a temperature over 38°C (100.4°F) will be referredto the airport medical unit for a medical evaluation.

Movement Restrictions:

Is a curfew in place? No,however, municipalities have the authority to impose movement restrictions whendeemed necessary to mitigate transmission of COVID-19.

Are there restrictions onintercity or interstate travel? No.

Quarantine Information:

Are foreign citizens required toquarantine? NoUnvaccinated travelers will be required to have anadditional RT-PCR test taken three days after arrival. If this test ispositive, the traveler will be required to quarantine until he/she receives anegative COVID test result.

Transportation Options:

Are commercial flights operating?Yes

Commercial flights operatebetween Bolivia and several international destinations such as: Miami, Madrid,Bogota, Lima, Santiago, and Sao Paulo.

Domestic flights are operatingnormally.

Travelers should be prepared fortravel restrictions affecting international travel to be put into effect withlittle or no advance notice.

Is public transportationoperating? Yes.

Social distancing and the use ofmasks in public vehicles places remains obligatory.