Cholitas Climbers

On January 23, these women named Cholitas (typical Andean women from the city of La Paz) managed to reach the summit of the highest mountain in South America Aconcagua / 6962m.LAS CHOLITAS ESCALADORAS, is a group of typical Andean women from the city of Lapaz, most of them wives of mountain guides and some work with their husbands in the mountains as cooks and assistants in some work in the base camps and high camps .

At a fundamental point these brave women began to dream of reaching the mountaintops as well as their husbands.His preparation started climbing some of the mountains in Bolivia / Huayna Potosi 6088m. , Acotango 6050m. Illimani 6450m.The remarkable thing about these women is that they climb the mountains with the typical clothes of the CHOLITAS, breaking all stereotypes in the world of mountaineering.They are proud of their Aymara origin and traditional dress.After conquering the summit of the Aconcagua they continue dreaming now they propose to make an expedition to Everest the highest mountain in the world.from the family of Bolivian mountaineering we send you a strong mountain hug.We will closely follow your adventures in the mountains of the world.