Cordillera Occidental

Volcanic area

The cordillera Occidentalis very different from the rest of Bolivia: extinct snowcapped volcanoes  rise stepply out of the flat and barren Altiplano.


6,540 m.

At 6540m, Sajama is Bolivia’s highest mountain and one of the Andes’ major peaks. Known locally as "Tata Sajama", it is surrounded by flat, arid Altiplano. Its distinctive profile is visible from the Crodillera Real, hundreds of kilometres away... can you reach the highest point in Bolivia?


6,348 m.

Parinacota is an almost perfectly-cone-shaped volcano in Sajama National park, near the Chilean border. Together with Pomerape it forms the Payachatas (The Twins). It is not a technical climb but, given its high altitude, requires good acclimatisation.


6,282 m.

Pomerape lies in Sajama National Park and, together with Parinacota, forms the Payachatas (The Twins). It has a less conventional "volcano" shape than its twin but offers a more technical ascent. That being said, the "standard" route we normally suggest is perfectly achievable for a fit, acclimatised group.


6,052 m.

Sitting within both Sajama and Lauca National Parks Acotango is one of the Quimsa Chatas (Three Brothers). It offers a non-technical ascent and is therefore a great introduction to high-altitude mountaineering for a well-acclimatised group.